90’s r&b had many groups to jam to and one of those groups, H-Town comprised of twin brothers, (Keven)Dino and Shazam Conner and long time friend G.I Jackson. Their music can be heard on movie soundtrack, “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”. Their classic jam is still a request on radio today.[youtube]dZuwL_ZncPU[/youtube]

In 2003, twin brother Keven “Dino” Conner was killed in a car accident right before the release of the group’s fourth album. Shazam’s new solo album series “40 Shades of Me” is dedicated to the legacy of his brother Dino and the vision he had for his career.

“40 Shades Of Me’ has something for everyone from country, pop, rock, zydeco and of course r&b. Along with promoting his new solo album across the country and abroad he will drop a complimentary mixtape to give his fans a taste of what his project has to offer. Look for social media contests and promotional campaigns throughout his “40 Shades of Me Tour.”.

The first contest will launches October 1, 2012. The single “The Rain Is Fall’N” metaphorically explains the terms raining cats and dogs and fighting like cats and dogs correlating them with a bad relationship. Shazam is arguing and fighting all the time and is ready to leave the relationship. His lady interest is pleading for him to stay in the relationship. This is where you the ladies come in. Will you be the “one” that can convince him to stay with you instead? Chances to call in will be displayed on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social media sites periodically.

Information will hit the timelines on October 1! Follow @ShazamOfHTown on Twitter & Instagram and Shazam Conner on Facebook, you could win the chance to have your voice on a special edition of “The Rain Is Fall’N”!

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