KPS Parents want to S.E.E Change in Districts Implementation of Policies

KPS Parents want to S.E.E Change in Districts Implementation of Policies

Kalamazoo, MI- S.E.E Change (Social Economic and Educational Change) a group of parent advocates
affiliated with Michigan United and JABS (Justice Against Bullying @ School) attended Thursdays school board

Parent Advocates

meeting to express concerns about student bullying and physical restraint of students (By staff) that have lead to cuts, bruises, muscle strains, and a concussion in the case of one student. S.E.E Change parents also expressed concerns with segregation (alternative schools) of minority students and medicating of students with disabilities.

Earl Moore spoke of an SWIS report initiated by the schools that characterized his son’s behavior in criminal terms and the report follows his son wherever he goes.  Earl also spoke of his son being bullied, which lead to a change in his son’s behavior, and the behavior change leads to physical restraint (by staff) of his son on numerous occasions and his son being suspended from school in excess of 30 days.  Earl also commented that “The school refused to allow my son to come back to school unless he took medication”.

Gwendolyn Hooker spoke of the brutal multiple assaults upon her granddaughter (Justyce) at the hands of two attackers. She also spoke of the seeming lack of concern from the district in addressing the issue of the assault of Justyce and other bullied students in the district.

Tammie Woods  spoke of her son’s battles with depression and anxiety after multiple restraints resulted in a concussion, cuts, and his arm being twisted., Tammie also spoke of the numerous services she pursued at SLD  Read/WMU to help him with his reading, services that the school should have provided but she could not get any assistance and now SLD read Director has said her child does not qualify for SLD Read services.

George White lead advocate spoke about bullying and the effects of bullying that can lead to depression, withdrawal, low self-esteem, poor grades, poor peer relationships, increases the drop out ratio and in rare cases can lead to death. Mr. White also commented on the need for Restorative Justice models that are gaining traction all around the country in addressing student bullying, Trauma Informed Care practices in classrooms and the need for improving student, parent, teacher relationships.

Kalamazoo School Board Meeting March 9, 2017

S.E.E Change is committed to returning to every upcoming school board meeting with more and more parents/parent advocate groups until there is the change that the parents seek.  S.E.E Change will lead the discussion in the community about policy reform needed to reduce bullying, expulsions, suspensions, restraint and medication dependence.  The goal is to return all of our children to mainstream classrooms.  It should be noted that school board member Lauren Freedman expressed an interest in working with S.E.E Change to resolve some of the issues. Dr. Rice also indicated his willingness to meet with the group.  No other board member commented or expressed an interest in meeting with the group.

It should be noted that school board member Lauren Freedman expressed an interest in working with S.E.E Change to resolve some of the issues. Dr. Rice also indicated his willingness to meet with the group.  No other board member commented or expressed an interest in meeting with the group.


Kalamazoo Promise 10 Year Update, 2006-2016

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With/Out – ¿Borders? ll Conference

With/Out – ¿Borders? ll Conference

Kalamazoo, MI-

On the campus of K-College, many social organizers, educators and community members with meet up Friday, October 21-22, for a two-day conference, With/Out – ¿Borders? ll Conference. The event with focus on cultural and academic work, powered by Afrofuturism.
Facilitated modules around visioning of post-oppression desires through fantasy, film, technology, and speculative fiction.

Target areas of conversation:*Radical teaching
Campus activism
Education advocacy
Liberatory educational structures and paradigms

*Ideologies and technologies that move toward a renewable energy [r]evolution and sustainable future
*Global and local work creating next systems and deploying new economic possibilities and strategies.

Featured Keynote Speaker, journalist and author Naomi Klein will speak on Oct. 21 at the Arcus Center for Social Justice. The conference includes a robust panel of experts serving in local, national and global organizations. For more information visit

Mothers of Hope Ultimate Family Reunion 2016

Mothers of Hope Ultimate Family Reunion 2016

Kalamazoo, MI-Hundreds of folks from the community showed up at LaCrone Park on Saturday
to enjoy music, food, games and more at the ninth annual Ultimate Family Reunion.

The event, hosted by Mothers of Hope, their mission, to connect the community with the information and resources with a family reunion feel and function.
Plenty of entertainment for everyone, inflatable bounce houses, live-performances from local youth and artists.

Multiple basketball games going on at the same time, as well as information booths set up throughout the park sharing information about educational, environmental, health and social organizations throughout Kalamazoo.

7AM Documentary Kick – Off 2016 Black Arts Festival at the Epic Theater

7AM Documentary Kick – Off 2016 Black Arts Festival at the Epic Theater

Kalamazoo, MI-The Black Arts & Culture Center kicked off the 30th anniversary of the culture celebration. The showing of documentary, 7AM, directed by Jason Black and features Dr. Claud Anderson, Shalamar Blakely, A’Leila Bundles, Umar Johnson, Morris Levine, Brett Pulley and Don Peebles.

Show-cased before the viewing of the documentary, Black owned business from the community. The businesses and community members were able to share in fellowship and support small businesses by helping to keep the money generated, local.

In 1986, three organizers of the Festival (Gail Sydnor, Lois Jackson and James C. Palmore) wanted the African American Community in Kalamazoo to celebrate the creativity, culture,arts and appreciate the accomplishments of others contributing to a culture of greatness. 30 years later the BACC continues to flourish with with art, art exhibits, cultural events, classes, theatrical plays, movies, dance, poetry, resource materials and meeting space. Since 2001, BACC has been located in its current location at the Epic Center.

Since the beginning of 2015, Yolonda Lavender has held the position of Executive Director of BACC and continues to full fill the organizations mission and community outreach.

The Black Arts Festival 2016 has a full schedule of events throughout the week and various locations in Kalamazoo.

Urban Democracy Feast Crowd-Fund Dinner April 30, 2016

The Urban Democracy Feast: Supporting Local Social Justice Projects

Saturday, 30 April 2016 at 4:30 p.m.

Since 2015, a group of community organizations have started a face-to-face crowd funding

process. This process occurs over a meal so we can exchange information about shared problems,

common obstacles and ways to overcome them. Twice, in May 2015 and again in December of 2015,

this urban FEAST raised more than $2000 to support social justice projects demonstrating direct

democracy and accountability. We define social justice as equal access to all the resources and services.

More information about the FEAST and the awardees can be found at our web page,

The goal of the organizers is to generate funds that kick start projects that might otherwise not

get funded, or help them make a qualitative leap in their work. Such group projects submit an

application, and four applicants are selected to make a five-minute presentation at the supper. Their

presentations will exhibit evidence that they are addressing a shared need, with the support of other

groups in the neighborhood, and that the project demonstrates direct democracy.

The next FEAST will be held 30 April 2016 at the HISPANIC AMERICAN COUNCIL [HAC] located

at 930 Lake Street, corner with Russell/Race Streets (Edison). The building where the HAC is located

across the street from the Boys and Girls Club. Childcare for toddlers and pre-school children will be

available in separate rooms. Tickets are available at the door or at the FEAST website,, and with the ticket each attendee will be given a voting ballot.

On Saturday, 30 April, the doors will open at 4:00 p.m. At 4:30 p.m. the event begins with an

explanation of the FEAST process, followed by four five minute presentations.


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Let Us  “Caucus” and Be Heard

Let Us “Caucus” and Be Heard

Kalamazoo, MI-Michigan United, a statewide organization of community members and institutions fighting for the dignity hosted a debriefing/processing dialogue for members (MU), community leaders, and community members to discuss the recent mass shootings in Kalamazoo. A “space” was created for the community to share, process, speak openly, and know that others in the community are feeling isolated, hurt, and vulnerable.

The evening opened with a prayer/poem by Archbishop Oscar Romero, “A Future Not Our Own”. The attendees were asked to break into discussion groups based on how each person identifies racially. The facilitated groups then reported out what was discussed and the other racial groups listened and gave an interpretation of what they heard from the group reporting what was discussed.

Elisheva Johnson, lead organizer for the School to Prison Pipeline Campaign at Michigan United spoke with Majyck Radio, ” We realize we have to have this conversation because the community asked for this (conversation). People didn’t know how to process the information that was being reported so close to home.” Six fatalities and two victims have a long road of recovery ahead. The outpouring of support not just from communities in Michigan. Kalamazoo is not also known as “that town” where there were mass shootings occurred. Johnson went on to say, ” A lot of people decided to repress and move on business as usual, so this space was intentional where folks could come and be brave about how this made them feel and talk about how they process things differently because of race”.

There is definitely more work that needs to be done. More open conversations are in the early stages of planning for 2016. For more information about the School to Prison Pipeline and other social justice campaigns, visit


FEAST and Fellowship with Urban Democracy FEAST

Kalamazoo, MI (Majyck Radio)- Numerous folks involved with Urban Democracy FEAST are busy behind the scenes preparing for a very busy Saturday. Members are gathering Bank Street Market Kalamazoo, MIfood ingredients all the way to table settings and childcare in preparation for many curious community members to participating in a grass-root, crowd funded democratic process of voting for social projects.

Three projects will be presented this evening sharing gaps of social equality in Kalamazoo. The project that receives the most votes at the end of the evening will be awarded the cash prize. This money is then used to further their project goals and outcomes.

No long drawn out process for reporting. The winner only needs to attend the next FEAST and give a report on what progress was made with the monies received.

This democratic process is simple with no hidden agendas. The first FEAST will be held at the Hispanic American Council located at 930 Lake St, Kalamazoo, MI 49001.

Community Invited to 28th Annual MLK Celebration


Kalamazoo, MI- The Northside Ministerial Alliance would like to invite all clergy, community leaders and the Northside Ministerial Alliance  Celebrates 28th Annualpublic to attend the 28th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration!  This year’s celebration will be held on Sunday, January 19, 2014, beginning at 4:00 p.m., at the Galilee Baptist Church.  Our theme this year is:  “Unfulfilled Dreams.”  We are honored to have as our guest speaker, Dr. Michael Nabors, Pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist in Detroit, MI. 


The theme for this year’s celebration, “Unfulfilled Dreams”. Speakers will include, Dr. Michael Nabors of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Detroit, MI.


Kalamazoo Resident, Teleka Patrick Still Missing


Missing Kalamazoo Resident

Kalamazoo- The Patrick Family as well as the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help in locating a Kalamazoo resident. Teleka Patrick, 33  was last seen in the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center on Gull Road in Kalamazoo. Video footage shows Patrick entering the Radisson Plaza Hotel and speaking with a desk clerk on Thursday evening.  Footage also shows her leaving the plaza to get a a shuttle bus that was destined to Borgess Medical Center. She failed to report to work on Friday morning. The Sheriff’s Department reports that Patrick has no known medical history and foul play is not suspected at this time.  That is not what the Patrick  Family is feeling.  Irene Patrick, Teleka’s mom points out, “If information is put out there that everything is OK, it brings some sort of relaxation to the situation that everything is fine and its not”.

Anyone with information on Patrick’s whereabouts is requested to contact the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office at 269-383-8748 or Silent Observer at 269-343-2100.  According to local media outlet, The Patrick Family has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading them to Teleka.

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