FEVA TV Wants, Satellite Expansion Of Coverage

 FEVA TV Wants, Satellite Expansion Of Coverage

African and Caribbean entertainment platform FEVA TV have plane to extend its webTV offering to a 24-hour television channel available on major Canadian cable and satellite TV networks.FEVA

First Entertainment Voice of Africa Television, launched its Internet-based content platform in September 2013, and hopes to start discussions with television distributors to increase its mainstream coverage across Canada.

The channel provides music, movies, news, sports, TV series and drama, and documentaries targeting the African and Caribbean communities in Canada. Nollywood and other African movies, reggae, Afrobeat and Soca videos, Caribbean films, hip-hop and R&B videos, and African and Caribbean TV series are all included, with programming originating from Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Trinidad, Barbados, USA, Brazil, and Haiti among other countries.

FEVA’s mission is to build a television network in Canada that will showcase the global black community from an accurate perspective that is not always seen in most major media outlets, a statement said.

According to Lonzo Nzekwe, CEO and co-founder of FEVA TV, the channel aims to provide a clear picture of the social, economic and the political situations that black people around the world are faced with on a regular basis.

Music Competition Looking For Next Stars

Round One of the Intel(R) 2013 Superstars Competition is now complete. There were over 1,450 submissions and 100,000 votes, with four artists from four different genres — Rock, Pop, Latin, and R&B — being awarded a deluxe home studio prize package. The 2013 Round One winners are:

Rock: Pullman Standard (Hollywood, CA) Pop: Kristen Hope Justice (Buford, GA) Latin: Gregory Telfort (Freeport, NY) R&B: DeShaude Ourstage(Toluca Lake, CA)

They will each receive a prize package that includes products from Gibson Guitars, Blue Microphones, Orange Amps, Creative Labs, HMDX, Sonos, V-MODA, and Intel. Additionally, they will compete in Round Three for the $10,000 Grand Prize.

Round Two is now open for entry and artists must enter by November 26, 2013 at 11:59 AM ET. Entrants can submit original music in any of the available Superstars music genres at www.superstars2013.com. Fan judging will run through November 30, 2013 at 11:59 AM ET. Round Two genre channels include: Country, Singer-Songwriter, Hip-Hop & Rap, and Electronic.

In Round Two, hundreds of artists will face off for more prizes, including a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize. Using OurStage.com’s patented judging technology, music fans will rank submissions in these four channels. The top-ranked artist in each channel will be a prize winner and one artist will ultimately receive a check for $10,000, courtesy of Intel. Tyler Barth, VP of Entertainment Relations at Blue Microphones says, “Hard-working unsigned talent represents the future of the music business. Giving these artists a platform to be recognized, appreciated, and exposed is what we love most about being a part of this contest.”

Entrance into the Intel 2013 Superstars Competition is free and is limited to residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old at time of entry.

The top 20 in each genre-based competition channel will advance to the Round Three stage of judging at 12:00 PM ET on November 30, 2013 through 11:59 AM ET on December 15, 2013. Of those artists, the final top 20-ranked artists will be submitted to Round Four, in which a panel of judges will select one grand prize winner, on or about December 20, 2013.

The industry panel will be made up of music experts and professionals, including Austin Renfroe (winner, 2011 Intel Superstar), Jason Ienner (Manager, Hot Chelle Rae and Haerts), Bruce Tyler (Industry Executive, former EVP at Sony), Tommy Page (Pandora VP of Artist and Brand Partnerships), Brian Nolan (Senior Director, Creative Agency – Columbia Records), Justin Lassen (Producer, Nihil Studios), Mike Rivet (Sr. Marketing Manager at Intel), and Scott Janovitz (Director of Community at OurStage.com). The panelists will determine the grand prize winner using a standard set of criteria: presentation, originality and creativity, melody, vocal ability, lyrics, and entertainment value.

Please visit http://superstars2013.com/ for the “Intel 2013 Superstars Competition” official rules, which include details regarding eligibility, the fan judging schedule, as well as a complete list of all the fantastic prizes to be awarded.

Underground Canadian Hip-Hop Hero the Incredible Ease Succumbs To Cancer

Kalamazoo, MI–Unable to receive proper treatment for lymphoma because of American status, Canadian-based hip-hop pioneer Edwin Kohn (a.k.a. the Incredible Ease)  succumbed to the disease Incredible Ease(October 2).

Raised in Paterson, NJ, Kohn briefly served in the U.S. Navy, before being honorably discharged and focusing on music.  Ease was an active member of the West Coast hip-hop community and a member of the late ’80s group EQ, which also featured Quaze.

Kohn’s work as the Incredible Ease and EQ  inspired West Coast rappers  like Moka Only, Madchild and the Battle Axe crew, among many others, thanks to tracks like “All Praises Due” and “Who Rocks?”, as well as his weekly late-night radio program, The Krispy Bisket Show, which was co-hosted alongside collaborator DJ Kilocee on CJSF 90.1 FM.

He is survived by his wife and daughter.

“All Praised Due”



“Who Rocks”


ASAP Promotions Presents: Geto Boys In Concert At The Globe

Geto-BoysKALAMAZOO, MI — Hip-hop legends, Geto Boys will perform in Kalamazoo in October.

Members, Scarface, Bushwick Bill and Willie D will perform October 3 at Shakespeare’s Pub’s Lower Level, 241 E. Kalamazoo Ave. Tickets are available now. They are $20 in advance and $35 the day of the event. They are available online at http://www.zvents.com/kalamazoo_mi/events/show/352555903-geto-boys.

Based out of Houston Texas, Geto Boys  released their first single, “Car Freak” in 1986 followed by the groups debut album in 1988, Making Trouble.

The original “Ghetto Boys” consisted first of Raheem, The Slim Jukebox, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. When Raheem and Sir Rap-A-Lot left, the group added DJ Ready Red, Prince Johnny C, and Little Billy (the dancer who later came to be known as Bushwick Bill).

Scarface and Bushwick Bill continued with the Geto Boys as the group had members drop out to pursue solo careers.

Most recently, In 2012, the Geto Boys released a song with the Insane Clown Posse on The Mighty Death Pop!‘s “White Pop” bonus album “Mike E. Clark’s Extra Pop Emporium“.

For more information about the show, call 269-488-7782 or go toshakespearespub.com.


Can We Get A Whoop Whoop?

Kalamazoo, MI-   Sunday, fans gathered at CZARS 505 in St. Joseph, MI to check out headliner, Psychopathic Records artist, Anybody Killa.  Anybody KillaWhoop Whoop, calls could be heard throughout the night. Face painted Juggalos and Juggalette  listening to horror-themed rap music. Some fans adorned in traditional Juggalo culture with wearing HatchetGear and hair standing on ends.

Plenty of local acts from ST. Joe area and Kalamazoo, MI opened for legendary, ABK. Konspiracy Rekords artists, Drama AKA Treason and MacMic AKA Flie By Nature and , JCutlassKightsofMayhem of AMBITIOUS RECORDS slammed with lyrics challenging social injustices and having a good time in Kalamazoo, MI.

R&B Legend Clarence Burke, Jr. of the Five Stairsteps Passes Away

Clarence Burke, Jr., a founding member of the legendary family group The Five Stairsteps and later the creator (with his brothers) of the disco-funk group The Invisible Man’s Band, has reportedly died at age 62. Causes of Burke’s death have not been released.

Burke had success with both groups, hitting number one in 1970 with “O-o-h Child” as part of the Stairsteps, and later with “All Night Thing” and the Invisible Man’s Band (a song that Burke wrote and produced). The Invisible Man’s Band popularity declined in the 80s,  but Burke remained active and continued writing and performing. He was working on an album at the time of his passing.

More information to come as it becomes available.

 May 28, 2013, No other details are available , but hisHis manager, Joe Marno confirmed Burke’s death

Protesters Chant” Power To The People” in Front of Bank Of America

(Kalamazoo, MI)- Friday, protestors stood in front of Bank of America to stand in solidarity with the Murray Family from Coldwater, MI that were recently a victim of the largest mortgage fraud in history.

Local supporters, Occupy Kalamazoo and some of Kalamazoo’s local artistry came out to spread the word POWER TO THE PEOPLEto others the fraudulent activity Bank of America is doing to hardworking homeowners. Lots of people slowed down to read the signs held by those fighting for justice for homeowners.

One customer asking what was going on, vowed to close her account with Bank of America after learning some facts from some of the rally participants.

Local media from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids were invited to cover the rally for the Murray’s and keep the conversation going about the epidemic of home foreclosure, especially in Kalamazoo. Unfortunately, individual home foreclosures aren’t important enough for local mainstream media to cover.

Video footage of rally:

O Records to Livestream More Than 50 bands

50 bands or so will help keep the the music alive for 24 hours during the O Music Awards.

Put on by MTV, VH1 and CMT the show celebrates music and counter culture.  June 19 there will ba a 24-hour livestream event that will celebrate live music.

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson will kick off 24 hours of live music by starting a drum-a-thon and artists will perform around the country. Awards in categories like next big scene, digital genius and best Web-born artist will be given out.

LL Cool J, Thirteenth Studio Album, Authentic Available In April

James Todd Smith, better known as LL Cool J, (short for Ladies Love Cool James rapper, entrepreneur, and actor from Bay Shore, New York. He is affectionately known for his love songs , “I Need Love“, “Around the Way Girl” and “Hey Lover“.  He has an extensive catalog that includes twelve studio albums and two greatest hits compilations, including 2008’s Exit 13, the last for his record deal with Def Jam Records.

He has also appeared in numerous films, including Halloween H20: 20 Twenty Years Later, and currently stars as NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna on the CBS crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles

Authentic, LL Cool J’s thirteenth studio album is set to be released on April 30, 2013. 

LL Cool J performed his new single, “Whaddup” from  Authentic, at the 55th Grammys at the Staples Center.




Hip-Hop Artist Palermo Stone to Release Album, R.A.R.E [Deluxe]

Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone hailing from Pittsburgh has emerged as an  hip hop artist who prides himself on creating music with  powerful messages. Stone has three soloalbums under his belt (“R.A.R.E.” – 2012; “For My Culture” – 2011; “Beautiful Music” – 2010).

R.A.R.E [Deluxe]  will be available  March 24 for $1. In addition to a full-length album ,R.A.R.E., which stands for “Revitalizing Art; Reinventing Emotion,” will come with an electronic book that depicts original artwork from around the nation and tells the story of the album’s creation.

“These days, fans aren’t connected to the music and they need to be. I want to change the way they receive the music,” Stone commented about his decision to release his album in such a manner.  “I want to take their involvement to the next level by first making the music as affordable as I can (for one dollar), and also including this book that was written to tell them the inside story of how it was all created.


BlackBerry and Zimbalam to Bring Digital Music Distribution Service for Independent Artists and Labels

WATERLOO, ONTARIO,  –BlackBerry and Zimbalam, a leading global digital music distributor for developing and independent artists, announced today that they are working together to offer unsigned musicians an easy and efficient way to bring their music content to the BlackBerry(R) World(TM) store front.

Zimbalam and BlackBerry will leverage Zimbalam’s expansive distribution network and custom technologies to give independent artists the ability to sell their music around the world onBlackBerry World.

Artists will enjoy Zimbalam’s clear and simple interface and dailysales reports. Customer support is tailored to the artist’s local language and distribution packs are adapted geographically. Artist salso have the opportunity to evolve and move their careers a step forward as currently over 20 artists a month are offered the opportunity to work with A&R and develop their careers.

To get started, artists simply visit www.zimbalam.com/?partner=BlackBerry, create an account withZimbalam, choose their release dates and the territories they want tosell their music in, pay a small distribution fee, and begin selling their music. Artists remain free and independent and earn 90% of their royalties from sales.

“Zimbalam exists in order to allow unsigned artists to get theirmusic on to digital music stores and to find their audience. We areexcited to be working with BlackBerry as it will give artists accessto a different fan base and help with the discovery of their music,”said Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of Zimbalam.

“Whether you’re an independent artist, label or simply a customer wholoves to create music, Zimbalam through BlackBerry World will be afantastic vehicle to share your music with the world,” said Martyn Mallick, Vice President Global Alliances and Business Development atBlackBerry.

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