Eat to Win LLC, makers of FunNutritional games and products are joining forces with the Lend A Hand Family and Healthy Hip Hop to showcase the benefits their games and products have for children struggling with weight and all those other children who can just benefit from healthier eating habits.

Through their collaboration, Eat to Win produced their first ever commercial, featuring Healthy Hip Hop. The final video can be seen on H3’s YouTube page.

Roy Scott, Founder and President of Lend A Hand Family, the Producer of Healthy Hip Hop, praised the games and products saying, “Eat to Win is a fun and innovative way to get kids active and teach them about making healthy lifestyle decisions.”

The Lend A Hand Family regularly conducts live performances at schools and other organizations designed to motivate youth to seek better health and educational success.

“We use the Eat to Win Flash Cards and Board Games at our kids’ events and performances,” says Scott, also known as Rappin’ Roy, “and the response has been outstanding. This summer we will start the filming of our kids’ TV show titled ‘H3TV,’ and we will have an ‘Eat to Win’ segment in each show to engage and enlighten our youth!”

Jammi Roscoe, Chief Executive Director of Fun for Eat to Win, says, “We are pleased that Healthy Hip Hop will be showcasing our approach in their new show. Rappin’ Roy can have a big impact in changing the lives of young people.”

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