This past summer was an saddening eye opener to Majyck Radio, to personally witness families put in situations of having their homes foreclosed on, especially when they did what they were supposed to do according to their lenders and the law. Unfortunately, the banking system appears to write and rewrite their own laws, forcing families out of there homes.

This is true for the Murray Family and thousands more across the country. Majyck Radio,
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Occupy Our Homes
, Occupy Kalamazoo, and concerned citizens stood shoulder to shoulder with the Murray’s and witnessed the local sheriffs department lock them out of there home with no where to go.

Resilient as the Murray’s are, they continue to fight the bank for their home, while unselfishly helping those that are without housing. Please support them, buy and download music created by the talented Matt Murray.

Kalamazoo- Matthew and Beverly Murray and their two girls were the victims of a wrongful and illegal eviction in May 2013. With the help of Occupy Our Homes, they fought valiantly. But in the end, there was simply not enough manpower in their area to hold off the Sheriff. Sadly, they were removed from their home by Bank Of America’s thugs and with the help of the sheriff’s department.

Matthew has said in many of his interviews, “for everyone of us they evict, they’ve created an activist!” This has certainly been true of the Murray family, who have spoken at many protest and in fact have produced numerous videos exposing the bank fraud and abuse committed against the homeowners in America.

The Murrays have said, they can never again pass a person by without trying to help in some way. It’s become a passion – a mission to help those who have lost their homes.

Before they were evicted Matthew had produced an instrumental Christmas album for WingSpan Records/White Horse Entertainment called: 

 Matthew Wayne Murray’s

 The Spirit Of Christmas Past

The Murray’s have committed to give back a portion of this album’s proceeds to Occupy Our Homes and the National Coalition For The Homeless, as well as several other regional and logal outreaches. To download your album and help others this Christmas, please go to:

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