Majyck Radio (Kalamazoo)-Since the inception of Black Music Month from collaborators, Kenny Gamble, legendary songwriter-producer and first declared in 1979, by President Jimmy Carter, there are has been many artists designed a foundation of influence across the globs. It wasn’t until many years later that is was discovered that the the presidential proclamation that of Black Music Month was never signed President Carter. Dyana Wright, ex-wife of Kenny Gamble, took on the initiative in the late ’90’s to ensuring June as Black Music Month.

With no prior experience of knowledge, Wright started visiting Capital Hill and speaking with Congressman and Representatives about the contributions and importance of Black Music. The bill was introduced by Congressman Fattah (D) Philadelphia. The actual draft that became the language (Wright authored) for the bill that ultimately in 2000 was passed in Congress and recognized June as Black Music Month.

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