It would appear so far this summer, Michigan has not seen much rain fall this season. Those of you that have invested in technology for personal or business use, you may want to consider some proactive moves that may save you from major headaches and lost data. Here are a few tips to keep your investment safe and useful.

4. Use a surge protector and/or a backup power supply.

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to keep your gear safe and running is a good quality surge protector — not a power strip from the dollar store! — and a backup power supply ( uninterupted power supply or UPS). A good surge protector will keep anything plugged into it from being damage in the event of an electrical surge or lightning strike. A UPS will keep your gear running for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours when the power goes out at your home or office. If nothing else, it will allow you to save your  precious work.

3. Back up your data.

When working save your work often and backup on external hard drive. If you aren’t backing up data now, start doing so immediately. You may want to consider using a cloud service or virtual storage  to back your stuff up online as well just in case you get a flood that destroys the backup drives in your house. Waterproof hard drives are available.

2. Keep your stuff up off the ground and safe from leaks.

If you don’t have waterproof equipment, make sure it is up at least 18 inches off the ground in case of flooding and keep it away from places that could potentially leak — below a bathroom, for example. It doesn’t take a dunking in water to ruin tech.

1. Insure everything.

If you don’t have homeowner’s insurance, consider a renter’s policy. Usually affordable and you have a peace of mind knowing that you are more prepared for Mother Nature.

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