Krip-Hop Nation Mini-Concert/ Honoring Blind Joe, The Joe Capers Legacy

When: February 2013 Thursday, Friday and Sunday (Feb 14-17/2013)
Where/Venues: SF Main Library-The Latino Room, Mental Health Consumers Concerns ( 2975 Treat Boulevard, Building Concord, California 94518)11-3pm, The Living Room Project (West Oakland) & Eastside Arts Alliance (East Oakland)
Feb 14th Mental Health Consumers Concerns (Concord, CA) Time: 11-3pm
Feb 15th SF Main Library-The Latino Room 1-4pm & Eastside Arts Alliance (East Oakland) 7-9pm
Feb 17th The Living Room Project (West Oakland) 7:30-10:30pm

What: Musicians and poets with disabilities come together as a coalition named Krip-Hop Nation, for a Bay Area Mini-Concert and to honor the late Blind Joe Capers. The concert will feature a mixture of music from Punk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Spoken Word to Rock. A panel of speakers will explain Krip-Hop and talk about why Krip-Hop Nation is important. Musicians and poets will tell their stories about dealing with the entertainment industry underground and living in the community as an artist. A sneak preview of an upcoming documentary about the late Joe Capers aka Blind Joe who worked with Oakland CA Hip-Hop artists like MC Hammer, Tony Tone Toni and more, along with a multi-media presentation with audio interviews and a slide show of over one hundred pictures of Krip-Hop artists from around the world will round out the program. This event is about more than music. It will be an arena for advocacy, education, building cultural activism through artistic expression and coming together.
Fezo Madone – Lives Boston, MA & Sacramento, CA.USA and is a hip hop artist/activist determined to use his mic and his feet, to turn the hip hop community and the perception of his disability upside down. Jones is the President and CEO of SoulTouchin’ Experiences. His farewell offering, Vocal Tai Chi will be out soon.

Joy Elan is from Oakland and Berkeley, CA. She received her undergraduate degree in African American Studies at UC Berkeley and her graduate degree in Education at Stanford University. She is currently working with urban youth and raising her daughter in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an author of, Signs of Life: Past, Present and Future and a well-known Bay Area Black Hard of Hearing poet.

Lateef McLeod – Lateef McLeod is a phenomenal black poet with cerebral palsy who just published his first poetry book entitled A Declaration Of A Body Of Love this year. He is also in process of writing a novel tentatively called The Third Eye Is Crying. He was also a cast member of the 2007 Sins Invalid performance and the 2011 artist-in-residence Sins Invalid performance entitled Resident Alien.

Lee Williams? – Lee Williams is a disabled African American activist, artist, poet, songwriter, singer, athlete and father. Lee performed with the late Celeste White. He played Porgy in George Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess at the Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley, CA and has appeared on the big screen in, Made in American that featured Whoopie Goldberg and Ted Danson. His CD of spoken word & music, Phase V, came out in 2006. Lee Williams lives in Antioch, CA.

Enajita Pela Enajite Loicy Pela is a disabled queer woman of color musician, poet, writer and activist. She has been playing music in the bay for 8 years, and has finally landed like-minded musicians. Eni writes lyrics and composes songs through blues, jazz, and soul rock all mixed up with the facts of life as a disabled, queer, woman of color.

Vivi T – a Bay Area-based poet with POOR Magazine’s and Advocate with the Homeless Action Center in Berkeley, has been slappin’ rhymes since her early days as a recording artist in the U.K. and today, performing with POOR Magazine’s Po’ Poets Project throughout the Bay Area and beyond with what she describes her poetic style as ‘floetic’, a droppin’ n’ poppin’ poetry style, speaking on struggle and truth.

Leroy F. Moore Jr. is a Black writer, poet, hip-hopmusic lover, community activist and feminist with a physical disability. He has been sharing his perspective on identity, race & disability for the last thirteen years or so. He is also the creator of Krip-Hop Nation (Hip-Hop artists with disabilities and other disabled musicians from around the world) and produced Krip-Hop Mixtape Series. Leroy is currently writing a Krip-Hop book on musicians with disabilities from the Blues to Hip-Hop .

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