Native Trees and Shrubs

September 23, 2020

Native Shrubs and Trees
The Rodney Dangerfields of Residential Landscaping
Dr. Dave Warners, Professor of Biology, Calvin University &
Plaster Creek Stewards Director

Using native plants in residential landscaping has been catching on, assisted by the dedicated efforts of groups like the Native Plant Societies, the Native Plant Guild, Wild Ones (including the Kalamazoo Area chapter!), and others.

Yet, often when people consider the possibility of including native plants in their own yard, visions of Purple coneflower, Butterflyweed, Black-eyed Susans, and Coreopsis come to mind, along with the butterflies and bees that will benefit from these plants. However, plants don’t necessarily need to be showy to promote biodiversity. In fact, you may do more good for local biodiversity by planting a single oak tree than by planting a whole garden full of perennials.

In this presentation Dr. Warners will highlight why native shrubs and trees are such important components of biodiversity-friendly residential landscapes. With stories and photos he will also spotlight some of the often overlooked native woody species he has found to work really well in urban and suburban yards.

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