Virtual Tour: Mystery on the Orient Express

February 17, 2021

Join Georgiana, our narrator and tour guide, as she takes you on what will prove to be the journey of a lifetime. You are a detective that boards the Orient Express in Paris, with your final destination being Bucharest, Romania, where you were invited by a mysterious count to help him on a private matter. Your ride is long and to help pass the time you get acquainted with some interested fellow passengers.
Upon arriving in Bucharest, you wake up to a scream and find out that a passenger has been killed and found in a puddle of blood in his cabin. You reach out to the Romanian count that hired you in the first place and try to help the local police to get to the bottom of this murder mystery. Who is the criminal mastermind?
That's up for you to decide by following clues hidden all throughout our virtual travel tour on the Orient Express!"
Attendance is free but tips are appreciated.

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