Supporters for Occupy Kalamazoo gathered at Bronson Park on September 3rd, with the intentions on “camping out” in the park to bring awareness to issues connected to homeless and marginalization of social economics, environmental hazards and other social issues. Bronson Park was renamed, Compassion Park by Occupy Kalamazoo supporters. In the wee hours of the morning police entered the encampment and arrested Chris Wahmhoff. Chris refused to obey a local ordinance that criminalizes sleeping in public between the hours of 9pm and 7am. According to the arresting officer, this a misdemeanor offense. There were other supporters as well as homeless individuals and families that were part of Occupy Kalamazoo. Although no one else was arrested, they were given citations. It may be sometime before Kalamazoo’s reputation for being the “6th meanest city in the nation” to the homeless to “The City of Compassion”.

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