Hip-Hop Artist Palermo Stone to Release Album, R.A.R.E [Deluxe]

Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone

Palermo Stone hailing from Pittsburgh has emerged as an  hip hop artist who prides himself on creating music with  powerful messages. Stone has three soloalbums under his belt (“R.A.R.E.” – 2012; “For My Culture” – 2011; “Beautiful Music” – 2010).

R.A.R.E [Deluxe]  will be available  March 24 for $1. In addition to a full-length album ,R.A.R.E., which stands for “Revitalizing Art; Reinventing Emotion,” will come with an electronic book that depicts original artwork from around the nation and tells the story of the album’s creation.

“These days, fans aren’t connected to the music and they need to be. I want to change the way they receive the music,” Stone commented about his decision to release his album in such a manner.  “I want to take their involvement to the next level by first making the music as affordable as I can (for one dollar), and also including this book that was written to tell them the inside story of how it was all created.


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