FEVA TV Wants, Satellite Expansion Of Coverage

 FEVA TV Wants, Satellite Expansion Of Coverage

African and Caribbean entertainment platform FEVA TV have plane to extend its webTV offering to a 24-hour television channel available on major Canadian cable and satellite TV networks.FEVA

First Entertainment Voice of Africa Television, launched its Internet-based content platform in September 2013, and hopes to start discussions with television distributors to increase its mainstream coverage across Canada.

The channel provides music, movies, news, sports, TV series and drama, and documentaries targeting the African and Caribbean communities in Canada. Nollywood and other African movies, reggae, Afrobeat and Soca videos, Caribbean films, hip-hop and R&B videos, and African and Caribbean TV series are all included, with programming originating from Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Trinidad, Barbados, USA, Brazil, and Haiti among other countries.

FEVA’s mission is to build a television network in Canada that will showcase the global black community from an accurate perspective that is not always seen in most major media outlets, a statement said.

According to Lonzo Nzekwe, CEO and co-founder of FEVA TV, the channel aims to provide a clear picture of the social, economic and the political situations that black people around the world are faced with on a regular basis.

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