Urban Democracy Feast Shows What Democracy Looks Like

Majyck Radio-Kalamazoo, MI- Preparations and planning were well underway for a group of locals gathering food donations and decorations to transform the Hispanic American Council located in Kalamazoo, MI for their second micro-crowd funded dinner.

The first UD Feast happened back in May, where three community projects were presented. Those recipients were required to report back what was done with the monies they were given. Institute for New Leadership, Urban Exposure and Majyck Radio were present at the second feast to share and be accountable on what was done with the monies to advance their projects.

Well over 100 hundred people were in attendance to feast and listen to four presenters, Allison Kennedy-Humans beyond boxes, Sokhna Heathyre Mabin-Mama Sutura Loving Arts, Elisheva Johnson- Raise the Age, and Marissa Ross-Kalamazoo Peace Center present their projects in five minutes. Attendees were able to ask questions after the presentation and presenters went around to different tables answering questions about their project.Humans Beyond Boxes Allison Kennedy and Kendall Jackson

IMG_0228 Sokna Heathyre Mabin-Mama Sutura Loving Arts
IMG_0231 Elisheva Johnson and Brea Jackson-Raise the Age

IMG_0232 Marissa Ross-Kalamazoo Peace Center

Donations of food from individuals and organizations from Kalamazoo along with great collaboration, skills and talent a plethora of volunteers that help to prepare food for the feast.
JahRay, Randy, Annie, Brooke, Laura, Shima, Amazing, Sasha, Bailey and many other volunteers that help serve the food as well.

Live music from local talent, Mr. Blues, Rusty Fingers and Lady Abbie putting out sounds of classic soul with a kick of blues, a pound of rock & roll and funk with a obvious love of music. Calvin Green, a young musician, drummer performing on the african drum engaging all those in attendance. Attendees were in for a special surprise performance by world renowned dancer, Tamango Vancayseele Stanislas.

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