Kalamazoo Youth Summit on Racism

Kalamazoo, MI- This past Saturday was the second annual Youth Summit On Racism held by SHARE and organized by many individuals in the Kalamazoo community including the youth from several high school and middle schools.

High school students in Kalamazoo came together to plan and implement this summit. They lead and facilitated discussion issues of race in school, policing, stereotyping, and media amongst other topics. It was a powerful scene to see the discussions with middle school and high school students learning and engaging with each other.

MLK Kalamazoo City-Wide Day of Service 2016 Finale

Kalamazoo-Many students and community members had the day off from work to observe and volunteer some of their time to various non-profit organizations in Kalamazoo. Beginning as early as 8am, volunteers were in action to help from reorganizing shelves to reading to children.

The City of Kalamazoo, Volunteer Kalamazoo and the Western Michigan University Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Kalamazoo College and Northside Ministerial Alliance sponsored a community-wide day of service on Monday in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hypnotic African drums and dance greeted attendees as well as non-profit and grassroots initiatives sharing information. Youth programs like S.T.R.E.E.T(Survival Trust Resources Education Empowerment They) serving middle and high school male students from Kalamazoo’s Northside residents.

To bring everyone together, a Commemorative Walk from Kanley Chapel on WMU’s campus to MLK Park in downtown Kalamazoo. Sponsored by Bronson Healthcare System and Borgess Medical Center, volunteers gathered at the Radisson in Kalamazoo to reflect community-wide day of service and to celebrate Martin Luther King’s legacy.

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