10-Day Womb Cleanse

~ Embodied Femme 10-Day Womb Cleanse ~

Yoni Steaming & Guided Rituals for Sexual & Emotional Healing, Balancing & Protection

Join our customized 10-day guided womb cleanse practice.
(Open to beginners as well those with prior experience)

LINK TO WEBPAGE WITH MORE INFO: http://artofpriestess.strikingly.com/

Women can benefit greatly from periodically attending to the health of their wombs. Our pelvic and sexual area is like a filter, taking in the emotions and information from our environment. This area is highly sensitive and intelligent and designed to clean and heal itself.

The ancient art of Womb Steaming helps aid and enhance this process, and can help rebalance, release and provide support with the following aspects (not a comprehensive list):

• Pelvic health and tone
• Sexual responsiveness
• Cramps, heavy bleeding & related issues
• STDs
• Fertility
• Emotional residue and toxic emotions
• Sexual trauma
• Releasing a partner or past sexual partners
• Fibroids

Conscious women leaders of today who have access to cleansing, healing, and strengthening modalities have a privilege and opportunity to use these tools as we prepare ourselves for the days ahead. It is also important to “clean the filter” so we can have a clear mind, harmonious emotions, and free-flowing sexual energy.

MORE INFO HERE: http://artofpriestess.strikingly.com/

If you’ve been feeling tired, stuck, dealing with emotional or health issues, sexual issues, feeling a lack of confidence to speak your mind, ask for what you need, or feeling insecure, anxious, worried, and stressed, this guided process will help you.

We often need to clear what’s there first before welcoming in the new. This cleanse comes just in time for “Spring cleaning!”

Herbs prepared by Sokhna Heathyre Maybin can be customized for individual needs and mailed to your home.

*IMPORTANT: Please consult with your physician/OB/GYN if you have pre-existing medical or gynecological issues. Some conditions are contra-indicated for womb steaming treatment. We are not medical professionals or doctors and the Womb Steam process is not a prescriptive or diagnostic method and cannot be used as such. If you have medical concerns, it is your responsibility to check with your health care provider before undertaking this cleanse.

Monetary investment: $97 for program (includes herbs, customized shipped to your home; cost of shipping not included)

What it includes:

Hand-prepared Yoni steam herb packet (customized for your needs)
10 days of guidance, which can be done at your own pace
Daily womb meditations & video instruction
Supportive community & space for Q & A in the group
Opportunity for a private consult with Sokhna Heathrye Mabin, an experienced womb priestess, doula, yoga instructor, and mother ($75 for consult, booked & paid separately); and private special rate session with Anita Teresa also available, for those needing individualized support.

Recommended reading: Yoni Steam: Divine Feminine Hygiene, by Sat-Ra Sobukwe – SoDaye.

Order the book directly from the Yoni Steam Institute– http://www.yonisteaminstitute.com/yoni-steam-book.html.

More about the guides for the Womb Cleanse Process:

Anita Teresa

Anita is an integrative sexuality educator and founder of The Embodied Femme & the Sex & Medicine Summit. She spent ten years training with renowned masters of various mind-body traditions and has been working in the field of alternative healing since 1999. A solid undercurrent of all her work is a deep study of the Divine Feminine wisdom traditions and apprenticeship with various female masters, including Dunya Dianne McPherson, creator of Sufi Dancemeditation, Banafsheh Sayyad, Dance of Oneness, Raja Yoginis from Siberia, and others.
She has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, BET, and has been interviewed on Dr. Radio, News 12NJ, the Progressive Radio Network, among others, sharing her expertise on vitalizing practices and sexual well-being.
A proponent of long-standing feminine wisdom traditions and women’s health, she has been a four-time presenter at the acclaimed women’s conference, “Goddess on the Go,” was a guest expert in Negril, Jamaica at a women’s health retreat, and has been selected to speak in New Delhi, India at the annual Women’s Economic Forum in May 2017. She is currently writing a book about the Priestess Path. Find out more atwww.anitateresa.com

Sokhna Heathyre Mabin
Doula, Yonini, Herbalist, Mama

Sokhna Heathyre Mabin is a lover of all things yoni & womb. Sokhna is a mother, a yogini, a doula, and herbalist. She is the creator of “Embodied Anatomy” ~ a sensual playshop of women’s anatomy, yoga, and herbs ~ which she co~taught with Sheri Winston. Sokhna’s vision and work come from the knowing that creativity, fertility, and abundance all come from the same source. Depletion in one area can affect another area ~ reunion of the 3 is the wealth we inherently know to be our own. VIVA LA WOMB!

Contact Sokhna at mamasokhna@gmail.com or FB Sokhna Heathyre Mabin

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