IndiMusic TV, Poised to Become the Worldwide Hub of Independent and Unsigned Music

Just a little over a year since IndiMusic TV launched in September of 2012, the music channel has rapidly imtv-channel-images-logo-largegained worldwide popularity. The online music channel (featuring a 24/7 live stream, music videos and a host of promotional tools) is becoming the go-to site for independent and unsigned artists to broadcast and promote their music and music fans looking for new music.

Founder Chris Pati and his partner Bill Zeh leading the team, the channel is aligned to become the worldwide hub of independent and unsigned music.

IndiMusic TV is currently launching a free worldwide ROKU Channel and a fresh new face to their already successful website with enhanced features and functionality.

Bill Zeh served as Vice President Logistics Group at EMI Music Plc. in London, England, where in addition to managing daily operations in 49 countries, he led the creation and deployment of the company’s divisional business strategy, and aggressive performance targets. Like Zeh, Chris Pati also has a history on the business side of the music world with an extensive background in radio, film and video. His strong entrepreneurial mentality led him to create successful entities such as Guru Project and Modern Voices Distribution, as an alternative to the Major Record Label distribution system.

Bill Zeh and Chris Pati’s passion for the music industry is what will continue to drive IndiMusic TV to success. Already, IndiMusic TV has become the #1 searched site for Indie Music Video Channel on Google.

With the release of their ROKU channel and newly renovated website to provide IndiMusic TV viewers with 24/7 music how they want it, when they want it- there is no doubt that IndiMusic TV will continue to garner an even greater worldwide presence and market share.

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