New Initiative Provides Micro-Grants to Local Social Projects

Majyck Radio-(Kalamazoo, MI)

 In just a few short weeks, a group of community organizations (including a co-operative), educators and graduate students, independent media operators, urban farmers and professional cooks have started a face-to-face crowd funding process in Kalamazoo. This process occurs over a meal instead of over the Internet so that we can exchange information about lived experiences that reveal shared problems, common obstacles and ways to overcome them by thinking together and teaching each other. Twice this year and three times next year we will host an urban FEAST to raise funds that will support social justice projects demonstrating direct democracy and accountability. We define social justice as equal access to all the resources and services.

The goal of the organizers is to put together a meal every few months in order to generate funds that can kick start projects that might otherwise not get funded, or help them make a qualitative leap in their work.

Their first feast will be held at the Hispanic American Council on May 2, 2015. The council is located at 930 Lake St, Kalamazoo, MI. To find out more information, visit their website at

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