December 31st, 2021 Press Conference: Support Low Income Families and Individuals with Disabilities in Kalamazoo

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December 30th, 2021 

Contact: Majyck Dee                                                                                                              

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Support Low Income Families and Individuals with Disabilities

Kalamazoo, MI – Majyck Radio Evolution is hosting a press conference at the home of Issa Smith on December 31st 2021. Social justice organizations, human services agency representatives, state and local elected officials, and anyone who works with vulnerable families and community members are encouraged to attend, either in person or virtually, to hear from a mother in need of community support.

What: Open invitation to attend  a community press conference in person or online.

When: December 31st, 2021 11:00 AM-12:00 PM 

Where: 503 Gilbert Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49048 (in person) or watch virtually or

Who: Majyck Radio Evolution is a Black, female led enterprise created in the interest of promoting social justice and connecting a diverse community around issues of shared importance through music and culture. We operate through an anti-racist, anti-biased equity lens that is inclusive and affirming of all identities while maintaining focus on those that are underrepresented in mainstream media, particularly BIPIC, LGBTQ+ and youth.

Why: The purpose of the press conference is to highlight one of many examples of the marginalization and mistreatment that people with disabilities and low income families experience in Kalamazoo. Despite Mayor David Anderson’s professed dedication to ending homelessness he, along with other city leadership and their partner housing authorities have done little to increase access to stable and affordable housing for Kalamazoo’s poorest community members. David Artley, who recently resigned from his position as chair of the Kalamazoo Public Housing Commission, is Ms. Smith’s landlord. Artley also actively serves as President of Kalamazoo Family Nonprofit Housing Corporation, Elm Street Nonprofit and Kalamazoo County Housing Choices. 

As a community of collective voices, we need to make sure that those that we have entrusted to be good stewards of Fair Housing are acting in the best interests of all, regardless of identity, disability, or income, with fidelity to HUD guidelines and respect for tenant rights. 

For more information visit: 

Michigan Representative Proposes Bill That Limits THC In Drivers Bloodstream

Michigan Representative Proposes Bill That Limits THC In Drivers Bloodstream

Kalamazoo-MI- Rep. Pamela Hornberger of Macomb County has presented HB 4727, which would draw the lawful line of THC a driver can have in their framework to 5 nanograms for every milliliter of blood. Currently there is not limit what is considered being high or impaired to drive.

Rep. Hornberger is working with Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido to introduce this bill. Read more on this story

Protestors in Kalamazoo Rally for Health Care for All

Protestors in Kalamazoo Rally for Health Care for All

Kalamazoo, Michigan – The Upton-Long Amendment will not address the major shortfalls of the Republican Plan to repeal the ACA. The latest plan still takes away health care from 24 million people while giving $600 billion in tax breaks to the wealthiest. 

High-risk pools do not work to provide quality care for people with pre-existing conditions. Even so, $8 billion falls far short of what is needed to make high-risk pools minimally sustainable. The $8 billion reported increases represents a 6 percent increase in the $130 billion the bill already included for grants to states, funding states could use for high-risk pools. But experts have concluded that – even if all $130 billion were used for high-risk pools – that would still leave these pools underfunded by at least $200 billion (other experts have arrived at much higher estimates). Over 10 years, the $8 billion increase would be insufficient to fill the funding shortfall for Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, much less nationwide.

 Rep. Upton came out as a “NO” on the repeal plan on Tuesday, but since cutting a deal with President Trump, he has returned to supporting a bill that will kick 24 million people off of their health care. 

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Learn more about the Michigan People’s Campaign at our website:

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League of Women Voter Guide Kalamazoo 2016

League of Women Voter Guide Kalamazoo 2016

Kalamazoo- The League of Women Voters of Kalamazoo have put out a voter guide for elections in 2016. Please click Voter Guide 16 valuable candidate information.

Voter Forum: Location: Kalamazoo Public Library
315 S. Rose Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Time: 6:30Pm-8:00pm
Purpose: Prosecutors make MAJOR decisions about what justice looks like in our community!
ASK questions of the candidates. On August 2nd, there will be a primary election to determine candidates for the general election in November. This is YOUR chance to hear WHO THEY ARE!

Eat to Win Joins Forces With Healthy Hip Hop to Fight Childhood Obesity

Eat to Win LLC, makers of FunNutritional games and products are joining forces with the Lend A Hand Family and Healthy Hip Hop to showcase the benefits their games and products have for children struggling with weight and all those other children who can just benefit from healthier eating habits.

Through their collaboration, Eat to Win produced their first ever commercial, featuring Healthy Hip Hop. The final video can be seen on H3’s YouTube page.

Roy Scott, Founder and President of Lend A Hand Family, the Producer of Healthy Hip Hop, praised the games and products saying, “Eat to Win is a fun and innovative way to get kids active and teach them about making healthy lifestyle decisions.”

The Lend A Hand Family regularly conducts live performances at schools and other organizations designed to motivate youth to seek better health and educational success.

“We use the Eat to Win Flash Cards and Board Games at our kids’ events and performances,” says Scott, also known as Rappin’ Roy, “and the response has been outstanding. This summer we will start the filming of our kids’ TV show titled ‘H3TV,’ and we will have an ‘Eat to Win’ segment in each show to engage and enlighten our youth!”

Jammi Roscoe, Chief Executive Director of Fun for Eat to Win, says, “We are pleased that Healthy Hip Hop will be showcasing our approach in their new show. Rappin’ Roy can have a big impact in changing the lives of young people.”

For more information, please visit

Mobile Office On The Horizon For State Workers

LANSING, Mich. — State employees across Michigan are exploring alternative ways of working outside of the office. Options include working from a home office for part of the week or entering records from the field.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder
is looking for ways to improve work efficiencies covering most state departments. Over the past several months several agencies such as Human Services and Management & Budget have sought ways to increase worker productivity while cutting costs.

With more case workers mobile in the field with technology the hope is that case workers are able to have more interaction with clients to better serve them.

Foster Care Alternatives Introduced To State Of Michigan

The Michigan Department of Human Services announced October 4th, 2012 that a pilot program for young at-risk children from birth through age 5 to stay with their families, instead of placing in foster care. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has signed a waiver to make this possible.

The Title IV-E waiver lets state agencies use federal foster care funds for the project over the next five years. Michigan is among nine states receiving the pilot project waiver.

The project will provide prevention and preservation services for families with young children at high risk for abuse and neglect. The project is scheduled to start Aug. 1, 2013, in Kalamazoo, Macomb and Muskegon counties.

More attention and awareness about the foster care system and the lifelong impact it has on children and the families is half the battle. This pilot “project” needs be a sustainable program that will genuinely help the families and children involved. Reform of the foster care system is long overdue.

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