No More Nameless Vigil To Honor Homeless In Bronson Park

(Kalamazoo)-Michigan’s blustery winds and bone chilling temperatures is a reality that those without shelter face on a daily basis. Some of those people that are homeless are children.  This past December, an  undocumented immigrant new to Kalamazoo was turned away from shelter that had reached it’s capacity. This man died unnamed and unreported. Unfortunately,  individuals and more families  with children are falling under what is consider poverty levels in Kalamazoo County.

Occupy Kalamazoo stands in solidarity with  National Gathering 2013 using the vigil  to commemorate the passing of members of the human family by giving a moment of silence and individual sharing from participants involved with the vigil.


National Gathering 2013 and Occupy Kalamazoo are planning more activities around social injustices and the some of the unknown impacts it has on people and the community.

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