Project Connect 2013 in Kalamazoo

Hundreds of people turned out Wednesday afternoon to the Kalamazoo County Expo Center to connect with a variety of free, on-site services, ranging from haircuts to eye exams to personal hygiene, clothing and books.

Project Connect, is a semi-annual event  sponsored by Kalamazoo County’s Poverty Reduction Initiative and connects individuals and families in financial need with over 50 vendors offering services such as parenting support, employment assistance, medical screenings, housing assistance and health insurance.

Many community members take advantage of the one stop approach, eliminating excess travel. Attendees at this years event were able to fellowship with a spaghetti lunch and refreshments.

Previous events easily attracted 700 attendees, but the numbers appeared lower than expected.

Project Connect: A Free Event In Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo-(Majyck Radio)
On Wednesday, The Kalamazoo County Expo Center hosted  the semi-annual event, Project Connect. Edwina Dennis, volunteer at the event briefly explains that is there is an intake questionare that participants are required to fill out before receiving services.

Project Connect is day of  assisting families and individuals to 50 different organizations ranging from health and medical screenings, employment, housing assistance and resume building. Project Connect is free for all to attend. Shuttle service was provided as well as entertainment and lunch.

Thanks to many volunteers sharing their time, energy, and knowledge to make the event a success.

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