Night out with PACCT at the Theatre

Night out with PACCT at the Theatre

Join PACCT at the Theatre!They have purchased 8 pairs of tickets to Face Off Theatre Company‘s production of PIPELINE on Saturday night (July 17th) at 7:30 pm to share with our friends and followers! Here’s how you can enter to win a pair: FIRST, “Follow” PACCT Board here on Facebook. Once you’ve done that, leave a comment here on this post with your answer to this question: How many times (approximately) this month have you heard or seen the phrase “School to Prison Pipeline”? Drawing closes at 5 pm Thursday, July 15. WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED AT RANDOM and announced here at 7 and notified via messenger to arrange to have tickets delivered.

Face Off Theatre Company

This is awesome! Thank you for your support! For anyone wanting to know more about this show, here’s links to a blog post and to a radio interview with the show’s director and one of the leads.
La organización local organiza una película y debate sobre la reforma de la justicia penal

La organización local organiza una película y debate sobre la reforma de la justicia penal

Majyck Radio-Kalamazoo, MI

Escritor colaborador- Tandy Moore

El miércoles por la tarde, S.E.E. Change, defensores locales del cambio social, económico y educativo en Kalamazoo, se asoció con el Centro Arcus para la Justicia Social para presentar un documental que explora la respuesta actual y la perpetuación del trauma personal, intergeneracional, racista y de pobreza en el sistema de justicia penal. Nuestra sociedad. Producido y dirigido por la Dra. Shakti Butler, Healing Justice se basa en entrevistas con ex delincuentes, víctimas, artistas, expertos en justicia penal y practicantes de justicia restaurativa para proporcionar cuentas personales emocionantes, contexto histórico y cultural, y datos para ilustrar la filosofía y efectividad de utilizando un enfoque de sanación en línea con las Prácticas Restaurativas para reducir las tasas de delincuencia violenta y de reincidencia en las comunidades de todo el país.

Elisheva T. Johnson SEE Change Organizer

Durante la proyección, se invitó a los televidentes a participar en discusiones en grupos pequeños y compartir ideas entre la audiencia más amplia sobre cómo podemos trabajar juntos para abordar el daño causado por un sistema de justicia punitiva: una población en prisión cada vez mayor, estructuras familiares rotas, privación de derechos económicos, niños traumatizados, víctimas olvidadas, crisis de salud mental no tratadas y avance hacia un enfoque más efectivo y proactivo para lidiar con el delito y la delincuencia, uno que aborde las causas de los comportamientos dañinos y se enfoque en las necesidades reales de los delincuentes y las víctimas.

El evento del miércoles contó con la participación de activistas comunitarios, líderes, académicos y jóvenes, así como del Fiscal del Condado de Kalamazoo, Jeff Getting, quien según los informes está explorando la posibilidad de implementar la Programación de Justicia Restaurativa en el sistema judicial juvenil local. VER. Los organizadores del cambio esperan que esto sea solo el comienzo del diálogo continuo y la colaboración de buena fe entre los miembros de la comunidad, los funcionarios de justicia penal y los líderes electos en Kalamazoo.

Se anima a los interesados ​​en unirse a la conversación a conectarse con S.E.E. Cambiar a través de Facebook o correo electrónico

Se puede encontrar más información sobre Healing Justice y otras películas de World Trust en:

Una lista completa de los próximos eventos en el Centro Arcus para la Justicia Social está disponible en:

Community Members Meet to Coordinate a Response to Recent Tragedies in Kalamazoo

Community Members Meet to Coordinate a Response to Recent Tragedies in Kalamazoo

Majyck Radio-Kalamazoo, MI-

Contributing writer-Tandy Moore

Majyck Radio Photo

Douglass Association Townhall Meeting Feb. 7. 2018

A town hall event Wednesday evening at the Douglass Community Center offered a chance for local residents discuss concerns about child safety in the wake of the tragic murder of a Grand Rapids teen, an attempted child abduction in Kalamazoo, and scandal relating to a violent incident at Kalamazoo Central. Co-hosted by Jermaine Jackson, the Circulation Director at the Alma Powell Branch of the Kalamazoo Public Library Antiracism Transformation Team member, and Jacob Pinney-Johnson of Kalamazoo’s 4Dad Fatherhood Initiative. The event was well attended by parents, caregivers, community leaders and other residents eager to discuss concrete ways to support and protect the city’s kids.

Mr. Jackson spoke of the recent abduction of a 4-year old girl in Kalamazoo was thwarted as a result of an adult intervention. Jermaine expressed his hope that the would-be tragedy will serve as a wake-up call for adults who too often feel that they should “mind their own business” when they have a feeling something isn’t right. He also stressed the need for parents to have frank conversations with their children about how to stay safe away from home, and about what to do if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Pinney-Johnson, Community Educator and advocate adding that the important role men and fathers play in safeguarding the lives of young people should not be overlooked.

4Dad’s Care Coordinator Derek Miller, alongside Mr. Pinney-Johnson work to support fathers in Kalamazoo by offering fellowship opportunities for men to share their experiences with fatherhood, free parenting workshops, and direct outreach to new or expecting dads.

Elisheva T. Johnson, Community Organizer with Michigan United’s S.E.E. Change, a campaign focused on educational advocacy and the School to Prison Pipeline, expressed her support for the teacher who was harmed in an attack by a student at Kalamazoo Central High School, as well as her deep concern for the minor child who was arrested the same day.

While he should be held accountable, Ms. Johnson said, his actions indicate a possible history of trauma and deep social and emotional struggles that will only be worsened by involvement in the criminal justice system. She urged the community to advocate for Restorative Justice measures in the prosecutor’s handling of the case, and called for the implementation of supportive, proactive policies at Kalamazoo’s schools, in line with Restorative Practices, to address the needs of vulnerable children and prevent future crises.

Many in attendance eagerly shared concerns and offered creative ideas for increased supervision and involvement in the development and safekeeping of neighborhood kids. Suggestions ranged from establishing specific homes as “safe houses” for children to go in case of an emergency to organizing “bus stop ministries”, whereby volunteers keep a watch over kids as they wait for their school bus.

Local organizer Ed Genesis announced a plan of action, modeled after the Black Panther’s Block Patrols of the 1960’s. The collaboration between S.E.E. Change and WE ACTIVE, a campaign focused on decarceration and criminal justice reform, is designed as block-by-block, a street-level initiative involving committed volunteers who will work in shifts around the clock to actively patrol and safeguard their streets.

Anyone wishing to get involved should contact the organizers via email: or

While Wednesday’s agenda revolved around safety and neighborhood collaboration, an unexpected announcement of Jermaine Jackson’s candidacy for a seat on the Kalamazoo Public School Board drew enthusiastic applause. Mr. Jackson’s long record of youth and community involvement, as well as his enthusiasm for literature and education, will likely make him a popular choice for voters in November.

Discussions WIth 4Dad is held every Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:30 at the Douglass Community Center, and is open to men and fathers of all ages and experiences. For more information on other events and services offered by Kalamazoo County’s 4Dad Fatherhood Initiative, Mr. Johnson can be reached via email at

Upcoming events at the Douglass Community Center can be found online at

Local Org Hosts Film & Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

Local Org Hosts Film & Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform


Kalamazoo, MI, Majyck Radio-

On Wednesday evening, S.E.E. Change, local advocates for Social, Economic and Educational Change in Kalamazoo, partnered with the Arcus Center for Social Justice to present a documentary film exploring our criminal justice system’s current response to, and perpetuation of, personal and intergenerational trauma, racism, and poverty in our society.

Produced and directed by Dr. Shakti Butler, Healing Justice relies on interviews with ex-offenders, victims, artists, criminal justice experts and Restorative Justice practitioners to provide stirring personal accounts, historical and cultural context, and data to illustrate the philosophy and effectiveness of utilizing a healing approach in line with Restorative Practices to reduce violent crime and recidivism rates in communities across the country.

During the screening, viewers were invited to participate in small group discussion and share ideas among the larger audience about how we can work together to address the damage caused by a punitive justice system – an ever-expanding prison population, broken family structures, economic disenfranchisement, traumatized children, neglected victims, untreated mental health crises – and move toward a more effective, proactive approach to dealing with crime and delinquency – one that addresses the root causes of harmful behaviors and focuses on the real needs of both offenders and victims.

Wednesday’s event was well attended by community activists, leaders, scholars, and youth, as well as Kalamazoo’s County Prosecutor Jeff Getting, who is reportedly exploring the possibility of implementing Restorative Justice Programming in the local Juvenile court system. S.E.E. Change organizers hope that this is only the beginning of an ongoing dialogue and good faith collaboration between community members, criminal justice officials and elected leaders in Kalamazoo.
Those interested in joining the conversation are encouraged to connect with S.E.E. Change via facebook, or email

More information on Healing Justice and other World Trust films can be found at

A complete listing of upcoming events at the Arcus Center for Social Justice is available at


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