Emerging Roma Hip Hop Artists

Ever heard of Šutka? No? Don’t feel bad neither did I until I came across the name while looking for the next artist to post about. I discovered Šutka is the largest Roma populated municipality in Europe; just a few miles away from the modern center of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

Hip Hop music continues to inspire young and old around the world that music can transcend “ism’s” barriers created by human culture. Macedonia’s youth culture has embraced hip hop music in their artistic expressions.

Šutka Roma Rap a fusion of Roma hip-hop and traditional artists, will perform at the World Music Expo (Womex) in Greece, tentatively,October 18-20th. Womex is the premiere global event in world music and Šutka Roma Rap are one of only nine acts selected from over 300 applicants from the Womex Club Balkan Stage.

Musical groups come and go, some stand the test of time, some the members change and they keep it moving. This is the case with Šuutka Roma Rap evolving into a group regularly working and practicing together. Rehearsals throughout spring and summer 2012 have resulted in 15 brand new songs recorded for their new album. The group’s songs are in Romanes in keeping with their desire to maintain those elements which make their act unique.

Šutka Roma Rap 2012 are the rappers Al-Alion, Error, Fet Joe, Kay One & Nusret and Sabri & Taki and the musicians Mendo (sax, clarinet), Ajnur (trumpet), Ice (violin), Ismet (bass) and Meko (drums).

You don’t always have to understand the words, especially when you can see everyone having a good time and the music is enjoyable. Hip hop culture, continue to spread hope and creativity around the world.


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