Rudy Ray Moore: The Real Dolemite Documentary

If you ask Generation Y(Echo Boomers or Millenniums)about the Blaxploitation Era, you may get a raised eyebrow. Now put that same question in context with today’s hip hop music and you may find yourself bombarded with names of artists that have a “pimp” personas with their brand or memorable samples in songs but never knew were sampled from Moore.

An American comedian, musician, singer, film actor, and film producer, Moore is best known as Dolemite (the name derived from the mineral dolomite). His on screen persona as an articulate sharp tongue pimp in the 1975 film Dolemite, and its sequels, The Human Tornado and The Return of Dolemite developed from his earlier stand-up comedy routines. To date, are very much sought after adult humor.
Donald Randall who served as Moore’s manager is working on a few projects around the late Rudy Ray Moore. In the works, a biopic based on his life, a documentary, and a remake of his biggest classic, Dolemite.


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