Vision and Hearing Screeings

Location: Pre-K International Childcare Center PICC, 11 Mills St.Kalamazoo, MI.

Kalamazoo Health and Community Services will be at your neighborhood completing the Vision and Hearing Screenings that are re-quired for all students entering Kindergarten.

Contact: Isabela Robinson Program Director and community liaison at Pre-K International on 11 Mills St. Kalamazoo 269-870-8412 or

Imagine Kalamazoo Community Workshop

Imagine Downtown Community Open House & Workshop will be the final Imagine Kalamazoo Design It Phase meeting. Please join us from 4 pm to 7 pm for hands-on activities. Urban designers, city staff, and downtown organizations from throughout Kalamazoo will be on hand to answer questions, take input, and work through transformative project design solutions to Imagine Downtown Kalamazoo into 2025!

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