If  you are familiar with the music scene in Kalamazoo, particularly hip hop, performances around town are almost non-existent. Kalamazoo at one point had a very robust and thriving hip hop scene that would satiate any palette. Of course  there venues then that do not exist anymore.

Shakespeare’s Lower Level is providing a plethora of venues to adoring hip hop fans of all sizes shapes  got another dose of hip hop on devil’s eve with underground legend Esham performing classics tracks as well as new  material.

Last nights performance from groups such as Knights of Mayhem, Shneal, Prime Suspects, Relentless, Casper The Ghost and  Skitzo MichiganMusic M album release party brought out the heat with was needed to get Esham on stage to perform.

Fans were able to share the stage with Esham while  dancing and rapping along with him. Hip hop was in definitely in the house and fans want it to stay. Venus Flytrap is the legends next projects on  Akua Media set to be released Dec 4, 2012.



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